About us

About Ternawa

Ternawa Sp. z o.o. is a young company with large production capabilities. It has existed on the Polish market since 2015. Initially in its offer had paper cups with the possibility of printing, made for individual orders. Over the stage of expanding the offer with plastic containers and containers, an attempt to make cardboard containers under order, packaging for pizza, stirrers and drink tubes.

Currently, company has focused on two main specializations in the production of container and trays of foamed polystyrene (lunchboxes / hamburger, trays for manual and automatic packaging) and the production of disposable paper cups for hot and cold drinks with individual printing and lids. The used cup making paper comes from Stora Enso Oyi from Finland.

Factories are located in Ukraine. They have full documentation confirming the admission of products for contact with food.

The entire cycle from designing the product to its production is run and supervised by Ternawa Sp. z o.o.

Ecology is a step into the future

Global concern for the natural environment means that there is also a revolution in the packaging industry. The use of pro-ecological materials is becoming a requirement of the present times. Ternawa Sp. z o.o. actively researches the market, cooperates with domestic and foreign experts, constantly monitoring trends and tracking research in this area. Realizes that a renewable, biodegradable raw material is the key to success. Thanks to the latest technologies company wants to offer its customers the highest quality products from natural raw materials such as: cellulose, wheat straw, palm leaves and corn.

Environmental protection, optimization of material use and reduction of transport operations through properly designed packaging is the goal it aims at.